Your Own Best Home Business Opportunity

People often love the idea of starting a business from their home. But the only thing that they worry about is what they should do with their own business. They don’t know what they should do among the many home based business opportunities out there. But, actually, there is no need to go searching. The best home based business opportunity is something that is within each individual person.

The idea of starting a business at home is a very popular thing. People love the concept of making money right from their own home without ever having to leave. They love the idea of being their own boss and never having to work for anyone else. They can also stay at home and actually spend more time with their families. There is almost nothing about having an at home business that isn’t great for many people.

There is one downfall for many people. They have to figure out what to do. And this can be a very scary thing. It is even scarier when people realize the incredible amount of opportunities that are out there for an at home business. Their heads are immediately filled with a million questions for the million opportunities out there.

They wonder what will make them the most money. They wonder what will cost them the most to get. They wonder what would put them in the most work, or the least, whichever is preferred. And they wonder what of these ideas will even be successful at all.

But, all of these questions are easily answered with the presentation of the best home business opportunity for people. This opportunity is different for each and every person, but it is also very easy to discover by answering one question. You just have to ask yourself what you are good at and what you know how to do.

Everyone has a different skill set and a different hobby. In order to find the best at home business opportunity, they just have to search among their own skill set and hobby set to find the activity that other people will want. This could be the crafting of something or offering a service to people. It is all up to what you like to do, and what can make you money of your own skills or hobbies.

For example, if you are a health nut and have a lot of exercise equipment in your home, you could be a personal trainer for others. And if you are intelligent and like to teach, you could be a tutor for struggling students. If you just like kids, you could even babysit for people.

The best home business opportunity for a person is a very easy thing if you look at yourself. All you have to do is just look at what of your own skill set and hobbies to find out what you can do for your own at home business. Whatever of these can make you money is your business idea. It is that simple.

Internet Based Home Business Opportunities Are Earning Real Money for Real People

The how and where of when we buy things have changed, and so has the method of public awareness of new products and opportunities. When is the last time you picked up a yellow page book to search for something? Quite likely the answer is a long time, because you have become accustomed to the ease of technology that the internet provides. Dial up internet has given way to the high speed broadband of cable and satellite. This has depleted the conventional promotion methods of news paper ads, magazines and has even begun to carve into television commercial advertising. You can essentially promote a product or home business opportunity on the internet for free, or close to free depending on you discipline work ethic and patience in generating an income from a personally owned home based business on the internet. Those who have the right mindset for success’ or apply their prerogative to adapt it, and maintain it with a level of patience and learning are earning or on their way to earning a substantial income with the internet as their primary tool for promoting a home based business.

The first step is to start. You can analyze a home business opportunity inside out, upside down and sideways, but if you don’t pull trigger and start you subject yourself to the dreaded time thief, procrastination. The most productive people in the world are the ones who avoid procrastination.

The world has changed, and for most of us the most basic tool of that change is within our own homes. We live in the high number mile markers of the information highway. Conventional employment sectors need fewer employees to operate their businesses, and internet based home business opportunities are the way many of us have reinvented the way we earn money. In comparison to the many years prior to the computer information age, this ever expanding form of entrepreneurship is new, but it is there and there is plenty of ripe fruit to pick from the tree.

Some internet based home business opportunities upon first review may seem too good to be true. For many this sets off alarm bells of what’s the catch. The catch is that some are not worth a valid pursuit of your time energies and the investment of your hard earned monies. However many are, and by design promotion is meant to present the positive aspects. The negative side of getting involved with a quality internet based home business opportunity is that you will have to work at it daily to achieve the desired results. A good many people are earning those large figures that may appear to be too good to be true, and you can be one of them, but not without exercise of the necessary work ethic to achieve those desired goals. It is your level of patience, and your desire to succeed that will equate to your level of monetary success in a quality people backed internet based home business opportunity.

Finding the Home Business Opportunity for You

There are many kinds of home business opportunities these days – so many that people often don’t know where to start when choosing the best home business opportunity for them. They can be a bit overwhelmed by the process of choosing what business to get involved in. But, there are many ways that you can find the best home business opportunity for you.

The first place you should look for the best home business opportunity is at yourself. You should look at what you like to do and what you are good at doing. These will play a very important part of choosing your home business because you always want to own a business that you like. Decide what of your skills and hobbies could really be turned into a valuable business. For example, if you can paint very well, you could turn your painting into a career by selling your work.

When you look at your own skills and hobbies, you need to make sure to look at them objectively. A good way to do this is to make a list of all of your skills and hobbies, then go down the list and write ways each one could make you a real living. Be objective about this so that when it comes time for your business, you can really make some money because after all, that is the goal, isn’t it? Each of these ideas is a home business opportunity in itself.

Another thing you can look at when you look at yourself is your budget. If you have a lot of money to spend, you can put a lot of money into a home business opportunity that will earn you a lot of money but take a major investment in the beginning. If you don’t want to spend this kind of money, there are many business opportunities that are offered that allow you not to.

You can look online for great ideas to find the best opportunity for you. You can search through a search engine to find lists of ideas that you would like of business opportunities that you can start in your own home. Usually, many web pages will have lists of these to choose from. You will of course have to use your own discretion to decide which one will work for you. You can usually without much effort decide which ones that you would like and which ones you wouldn’t. You can also usually decide which ones would profit in your particular area.

If you want to choose a specific home business opportunity, you can join up with another business that is already established and be a representative for your area. These are provided for all different kinds of products and services.

Choosing the best business opportunity for you is an easy thing to do if you look at yourself or consult the Internet for help. You can find what you would like to do and what you are good at doing.

General Church Building Guidelines

The follow church building guidelines are an excerpt from the authors’ book, “Before You Build“. These church building guidelines have been compiled from a variety of sources including years of experience seeing what really works, and what doesn’t. Use these guidelines as a starting point for planning, but please note these are general guidelines for a church building program, and every one of these has exceptions and modifiers based on your particular needs.

In general, you should estimate approximately 1 acre per hundred people. This allows for your building, adequate parking, green space, recreation and storm water management. This space requirement would be greatly reduced in a metropolitan area where on-street or public parking is available.

Plan for 1 parking space for every 2.25 people on campus at one time. This will probably be less than the required parking by the city or county, but will more accurately reflect actual need. Initially you will be able to get away with less parking, however, you need to plan for adequate parking for the total capacity of the facilities, even if you decide to grow into it over time.

To get a good idea of parking requirements for a future building program, have someone go into the parking lot and count cars over a several week period along with taking a good attendance of everyone on campus. Divide the total average attendance (men, women and children) by the average number of cars. The result will probably be somewhere around 2 to 2.5 people per car. Multiply this number by the capacity of your new facility and this will tell you how many parking spaces you will eventually need in order to park everyone to fill your building to capacity.

Estimate on-site parking to be approximately 100-110 cars per acre. Structured parking (parking decks/garages) is VERY expensive. While structured parking can dramatically increase parking per acre, use only as a last resort due to the high cost of construction.

Sanctuary seating requirements typically range from 10 to 15 square feet per person, depending on layout, seating type, seating pattern, and total size of the sanctuary. Stage area should be calculated separately from seating area, which may vary greatly between churches.

Using chairs instead of pews will generally allow you to seat more people in the same space, perhaps as much as 20% more. Chairs also allow you to reconfigure your sanctuary as needed to support various types of use (weddings, Sunday morning service, events, community use, fellowship, etc.)

The Vestibule/Lobby/Narthex should be about 2 square feet per person in the worship center. Normally this will be approximately 15-20% sanctuary seating space. If you plan on running multiple services, you should consider increasing this to facilitate the “shift change”.

Classrooms range in size from 12 square feet per person (for adults) to 35 square feet per person in the room (nursery and toddlers), depending on the age group using the space.

Almost no church is built with enough storage, janitorial and working space.

A high school size basketball court is 50×84 feet. Adding modest space around the edge of the court for out of bounds, plus allowing for restrooms, storage rooms, multipurpose rooms, etc., means that you are probably looking at a minimum of 7,500-8,000 square feet of building.

Individual offices are usually recommended to be a minimum of 120 square feet and pastor’s offices a minimum of 150 square feet (with a recommended size of 300 square feet). Cubicles in open workspace areas range from approximately 48 to 105 square feet, although they may be as small as 4’x4″ (16 square feet).

Round tables in the fellowship hall will reduce seating capacity by 20% or more. In calculating space needs, plan on 12 square feet per person for square tables and 15 for round.

Overall, a building with dedicated spaces for sanctuary, fellowship, education, administration and multiuse space may require from 35-55 square feet of space per person, depending on programs, ministries and other factors.

A building with multi-purpose rooms (some rooms used for multiple purposes) may require as little as 23 square feet per person.

Plan on nearly twice the amount of restroom capacity for women than for men.

Hallways should be no less than 6 feet wide. Seriously consider wider halls if you run multiple services in order to facilitate “shift change”. This is especially important around the Sunday school rooms, and area that always seems congested.

Handicap ramps have a slope of no more than 1 inch of drop for every linear foot unless handrails are provided.

Budget approximately 10% of the building cost for new furnishings.

Generally speaking, first floor space on grade is cheaper than basement or 2nd floor space. If you have the room, it is generally better to spread out horizontally instead of vertically in order to minimize cost.

One way to estimate the cost of furniture is to take the floor plan of your new facilities and do a room-by-room inventory of what you would need to buy for that room. The easiest way to do this is in a spreadsheet with columns for room, item description, quantity, item cost and total cost (formula of quantity times item cost). Open a church supplies catalog and assign reasonable prices for each item and let the spreadsheet total the results.

None of the above points should to be construed as advice as to what to build, but only as points of reference to be used in your planning and budgeting process.

With this information, you are now equipped with some general ideas on church construction. As they say, a little knowledge can be dangerous, however, it is less dangerous than a lack of knowledge.

It is generally in the church’s best interest to find an outside consultant, either within the denomination or an independent church building consultant to help mold these general concepts into a definitive plan for your church’s building program. Outside counsel is almost always a wise move as the gap between knowing and not knowing about a matter is much smaller than the gulf between knowing something and doing it right.

Mistakes are easy to make. For more information on how to address critical church building issues, read “Before You Build: Practical Tips & Experienced Advice to Prepare Your Church for a Building Program” available for immediate free download.