Popularity of Bicycle Team Building

Almost ten years ago an Event Planner in Dallas asked my colleague to generate a conference event with a philanthropic element. After a good bit of brainstorming on our team, the bicycle team building was created. The Dallas program was warmly received with some minor glitches. We rethought some of the elements and I conducted the second ever bicycle team building in Orlando for a large pharmaceutical company. The Senior Vice President emailed me to say, “Your bicycle program was the single best team building event I have ever attended. And let me tell you I’ve attended plenty.”

When I last checked online there were 80+ companies offering bicycle team building events. Over the years tens of thousands of bicycles have been given to children in need. As someone who did the second event ever held and since that time has conducted over 200, I think I am uniquely qualified to answer the following questions: Why has this program become so popular? What are the key elements that make a bicycle team building successful?

1. Why so popular? A well-planned bicycle team building has three key elements…

A. Accomplishment – Team building can be fun, and at the conclusion of a bicycle team building your group has accomplished something tangible. Participants feel a sense of pride after coming together as a team and creating something valuable for needy children.

B. Bikes – Everybody has had one. Think about how you felt when you received your first bike. Remember the thrill of ownership and feeling of freedom your bike gave you. Quite simply, bikes engender fond memories for most adults.

C. Kids – The well-selected charity will bring children who need bikes and often times have never owned one. The look in a child’s eyes when they receive their first bike is something adults won’t soon forget.

2. What are the key elements? There are many decisions to be made correctly when planning a successful program.

A. Venue – Making a decision where the event will be held is important for two reasons. The first is to insure sufficient square footage for the size of your group. Participants will be moving around and assembling parts. If they do not have enough space it can create logistical problems. The second decision is whether to hold the event indoors or outdoors. When the weather is good, having the event outdoors gives participants a break to the indoor meetings they have likely been attending all day. A change of surroundings can foster a change in mood. Keep in mind that temperature and weather conditions where you are traveling from can be radically different than where the event will be held. Late spring can be extraordinarily pleasant in the Northeast, but uncomfortably hot and humid in Florida.

B. Charity coordination – It is highly desirable to work with an organization that is accustomed to moving their children in groups. They are likely to have suitable transportation and staff to manage their youngsters. They must select children of the appropriate age for the bicycles being built. Finally they must need the bicycles. I live in Orlando, a key convention destination. Some charities have become saturated with bicycles. If you don’t ask, they won’t tell. I was recently told by a nationally known organization with branches here in Orlando, they had almost a hundred new bicycles in storage. Your team building consultant should be able to find a children’s agency in need of bicycles.

C. Secrets – Who knows what? I believe it adds a vital element of “POP!” to the event if participants don’t know what they are going to be doing. So calling the event Bicycle Team Building pretty much gives away the story. I also strongly encourage the presence of the children receiving their bikes at the end of the event. The surprise experienced by the participants who are building bikes is surpassed by the excitement of meeting the children for whom the bikes were built.

Bicycle Team Building has grown from a standing start ten years ago to the most popular team building event. Many of our large corporate clients do events repeatedly for different divisions within their organizations. I was recently talking with a large healthcare client at the conclusion of an event and she told me, “This is my tenth bicycle team building and I cry every time!”

Earn Money From Home Business Opportunities – 3 Critical Questions

If you’ve tried to earn money from home business opportunities and failed, you need to read this article. If this is your first attempt to earn money online, it is imperative that you read this article.

There are literally thousands and thousands of home business opportunities on the internet. Most have been designed by well intentioned owners. However, a word of caution, very few of these programs have been structured to provide the members with the best opportunity to succeed.

In choosing a home business opportunity, ask these three questions before you commit to anything. Are the owners visible and easily accessible? Does the program provide training and support, especially for new members? Does the program provide a marketing funnel?

1. Are the owners visible and easily accessible?

It’s extremely important in any home business opportunity that the owners are visible and easily accessible. None of us are comfortable dealing with a cold, impersonal organization, we want to work with people who we know are real people. People with families and issues and wants and desires, just like our own.

So in choosing a home business opportunity, choose a program where the owners are out front leading the way. Regular webinars, conducted by the owners, are excellent. These webinars should be at the least, once a week, two or three times a week is even better. Members need to hear their voices and see their faces.

In these webinars, owners need to welcome new members and guests. They need to talk about the benefits the program provides to its members. It’s also important that they spotlight successful members, ask them to describe what they are doing that makes them so successful.

2. Does the program provide training and support to its members?

Ongoing training and support, especially for new members, is critical to the success of any home business opportunity. Most new members have no idea what to do next, they simply joined because they want, or need, to make money.

If the owners provide this training and support in their regular webinars, that is an excellent sign of a solid program you can be successful with. Because all you have to do is invite your prospects to the webinars. The owners do the training for you.

3. Does the program provide members with a marketing funnel?

Many home business opportunities provide members with only a replicated website. A replicated website as a marketing tool is totally useless.

What is a marketing funnel and why is it important?

A marketing funnel is a system that builds a relationship with each prospect while educating them about the program. This relationship building is vital to the success of any home business opportunity. As prospects begin to feel this relationship grow, and their understanding of the program comes into focus, they willingly join and become productive members.

So in choosing a program, ask these three questions before you commit to anything. Are the owners visible and easily accessible? Does the program provide training and support, especially for new members? Does the program provide a marketing funnel?

When you find a home business opportunity with these three factors in place, you can feel confident about your chances for success.

What To Look For When Searching For The Best Work From Home Business Opportunity

With the growing number of home biz opportunities, it’s hard to find the best one for you. In this article I’m going to give you a few tips on what to look for when searching for the best work from home business opportunity. Every opportunity you come across is going to claim to be the best, but with the tips I provide you today you will be able to decide which one’s are are good as they claim to be.

Finding The Best Work From Home Business Opportunity

Before looking for the best work from home business opportunity, you must first understand the mechanics of a successful home based business. There is a lot that goes into it, but the two most important parts are training & support, and a well laid out, well executed marketing system. You simply will have an extremely hard time being successful without these two things.

So now that you know the two most important things you need for a successful work from home opportunity, it’s very easy to narrow down your search and find the right opportunity for you. Just ask yourself these questions:

1. Is there full on-going training & support offered? –

If you come across or are considering a work from home opportunity and as you’re doing your research (which you should be) you notice that they do not offer any training or support, keep on searching. Not that you know this is vital to your success, make sure it’s available to you with whatever opportunity you decide to join.

2. Is there a proven marketing system ready for me to run with? –

There is nothing worse then starting a home based business only to be left figuring out how to market and generate leads on you own. If you don’t know how to market effectively and generate leads on a daily basis, you pretty much have no business. When you are new to the industry, there is no way you can be expected to just know exactly how to market and generate leads right from the get to.

That’s why when looking for the best opportunity it’s vital that you make sure there is a proven marketing system for you to plug into and run with.

You see, finding the best work from home business opportunity is easy once you know what to look for. Now that you know what it takes to be successful in this industry, you know what to look for when searching for the right opportunity. By taking what I’ve just shared with you into account when analyzing a work from home business, you should have no problem finding the best one.

Green Commercial Buildings

In this day and age, it is simply not economical to consume unlimited energy resources. Costs for electricity, natural gas and heating fuel are climbing at a consistent rate, and show no signs of slowing down. Furthermore, the traditional methods of building maintenance and upkeep have become obsolete as technology is changing and our social responsibilities demand that corporations take a proactive step toward energy efficiency and green construction.

Those who live in residential neighborhoods have already begun shifting the way they consume energy – including electricity and fuel. For the past few years, statistics have shown that green products, from efficient fluorescent light bulbs to major energy efficient appliances, have been selling more often as people want to do their part to help the environment while saving money in the process. These same small steps can be done on a larger, commercial scale and achieve similar results.

Building managers who operate a traditional facility can begin thinking about their building’s carbon footprint and the type of lifestyle it promotes for the people who live or work in or around it. At first, the simple step of switching to energy efficient fluorescent light bulbs can be one way of reducing energy consumption, and reducing monthly energy expenses. From their, a building manager may explore the possibility of installing modern appliances that use a fraction of the electricity and energy of older, non energy-efficient appliances. Windows and doors can be replaced with models that are highly insulated, ensuring that the building’s heating and cooling system runs more effectively. New heating, cooling and ventilation systems can drastically improve indoor air quality and give the inhabitants of the building allergen-free air to breath.

On a larger scale, companies who strive to be proactive and drastically reduce outside energy consumption can install energy-generating devices that will allow the building to be self-sufficient. Solar panels and wind turbines will generate electricity for use inside the facility. In many cases, solar panels and wind turbines can create more than enough electricity – meaning an environmentally conscious, green building can help generate power for its entire community.

There are many steps one can take to improve building performance efficiency, small and large. Working with a green building consultant, a building manager can decide the right path for their facility and implement better maintenance techniques. CMMS implementation can greatly reduce costs and ensure building performance is running at the highest level of efficiency.

Green building consultants have expert knowledge on the most up-to-date green building techniques and can recommend energy efficient products and green product manufacturers. Remodeling and existing building or constructing a new facility with the help of a green building consultant will guarantee that it is designed in the most energy efficient manner and promotes a healthy lifestyle for those who live or work in it.