9 Tips on Organizing a Successful Result Driven Team Building Program

How to Measure Results or ROI from Team Building?

In defining team building, there are many type of such events are organized. Before we could acquire details about Results Driven program, it would proper for us to understand various type of team building.

Team building is known as systematic process towards achieving team bonding and cohesiveness towards accomplish desired objectives. In brief, some of the common types of such programs are:
1. Retreat program – the purpose of this event is to provide an avenue for team members to have fun and feel entertained through games and activities.
2. Basic Team Bonding Program – a program prepared to allow members to acquire conceptual and micro understanding about team work, as well to have proper ice-breaking of every member in the team.
3. Motivational program – is aimed at inspiring individuals of a team to realize their hidden potential and work towards attainment of their goal. With the changes made after team building by each individuals will definitely improve the overall productivity.
4. Conflict/Crisis Management Program – is specifically designed to support an organization to overcome conflict at workplace, team conflict, departmental conflict, sudden crisis response for emerging problem.
5. Results Driven Program – is designed to provide ROI on specific areas through team building. These include Sales Drive, Workplace Productivity Drive, Customer Satisfaction Improvement programs.

The first 3 programs are the most common type of such program organized by organizations. However, over the last 5 years, there are emerging trends showing that most large organization are turning to Results Driven Program as their best option to accomplish their organizations’ objectives. Many MLM and Trading companies are acquiring the expertise of Results Driven program organizers to host their Sales Drive activities. While some other companies are making use of such team building to achieve other objectives, such as Customer Satisfaction drive, Retail Sales Improvement, Safety Response Team Challenge and many other programs focusing on accomplishment of other specific targets.

While many business owners and HR practitioners are still doubtful on this, many other organizations are already reaping rewards or ROI by choosing Results Driven Team Building program.

Let us see how we could utilize Results Driven program to reap a similar or better success in results through such program. There are 9 most important tips on how your organization could make use of Results Driven program to accomplish their organization targets.

1. Team building is for empowerment
Who said Results Driven program has no FUN? This is really a pre-matured judgment. All type of team building should blend the element of FUN and CHALLENGING together. For a program that going to drive results for an organization, it need to incorporate a lot of empowerment towards the audience proper blend of activities. Audience can only be empowered if they feel that they are appreciated. Only appreciated members will truthfully contribute towards growth of their organization.

2. Be clear of your target
Business owners or Management need to be clear that a proper designed program can be used to boost or empower their people to accomplish their objectives. With this in mind, business owners and managers need to come up with specific expectations to accomplish through such event. These expectations could be Sales volume, level of customer satisfaction, productivity improvement, project dateline or others. It need to be specified in quantity or volume.

3. Choose team building consultant
There are 2 different types of organizers of such program at the market place, which are event organizer and team building consultant. Event organizers are normally capable to conduct the first two types of team building. But, the rest need the expertise of team building consultant. As the client, an organization has all the right to obtain useful information on how to accomplish their expectations through such event. At the same time, consultant need complete details about the current performance, demographic details about their target audience and other useful details. It is worthwhile to share such information.

4. Design of program, activities and experiential learning activities
One of the most important area to give close attention in organizing a Results Driven program is on the Program structure. A well designed program should incorporate a mix methodology of team building delivery and it should have the following components; a) Games, 2) Motivation, 3) Challenges, 4) Competition and 5) Rewards. It should have the balance between FUN and LEARNING. Fun is to ensure the audience is excited with the program. While Learning is to ensure that the audiences are with necessary skills/knowledge to be prepared for the challenge.

5. Take Back Challenge
Members should be aware that they have brought back a set of challenges to accomplish within a period of time. A good take back challenges should be briefed thoroughly during the team building, and it should be implemented within 7 days after the program. The duration of challenge could be at least for duration of 1 month. The take back challenge itself should be designed in away that members have to compete to accomplish target given. It will be like a race between individuals or members. For example, the Challenge could; “Who could be the Best Sales Team?’, Which Department has shown Greatest Increase in Productivity?”, “Which shop has highest level of customers satisfaction?” and others

6. Tracking Tools
Since there are target to accomplish, a periodical tracking is required to gather actual performance results. These tracking should generate daily, weekly or monthly reports. Through the report, managers can compare the performance shown by each member who attended the results driven program. A tracking format can be made available through manual report, spreadsheet, software or other options. The best person suggests a proper tracking would be the Team building consultant. Without tracking, it is ineffectual to run a challenge.

7. Management / Leader’s Involvement and Intervention
Management or immediate superiors’ involvement is seen as one of the most important intervention required during implementation of take back challenge. One important matter to note here is that the superior need to use empowerment approach when dealing with their team. Otherwise, the inner confidence and sense of ownership created among staff during team building will defeat the main purpose. Superiors are expected to provide their best support to their team in order to accomplish the given challenge successfully.

8. Offer Rewards
This must be made known that reward plays a crucial role in empowering individuals to perform. Individuals who results driven always want to show their competitiveness by showing that they are in great desire to win the reward offered. Rewards can be offered to most successful individuals or team, and it does not have to be expensive. It would be useful if rewards can be offered on weekly and at the end of the challenge. A hamper, certificate of achievement, mobile phone, paid holiday trip can be useful reward to offer. But, managers must ensure that the rewards offered are worthwhile for the results accomplished.

9. Discuss on measurement of success – ROI
It is very important to measure the success of a Results Driven program by looking at the financial gain reaped compare to money spend to conduct the program. A positive ROI will definitely indicate a similar team building program could be used to accomplish similar or other targets in an organization

By having these 9 tips in our mind now, we are ready to organize a Results Driven Team Building program and effectively accomplish our organization’s expectations.

Have great day!

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Team Building Training Consulting

In a day and age where many companies are looking to for their employees to cooperate instead of working independently, team building is essential. In many cases, effective team building can be achieved through many different team-building events. A successful team-building consultant can dramatically affect your company’s productivity for years to come. However, if a consultant offering team-building events does not properly facilitate due to a poorly structured team-building event, the result could be worse than not performing a team-building event at all. That is why it is so important to have a professional consultant that specializes in this field to help organize and run your events.

A professional consultant can help for many reasons. First, those who have team building training best accomplish some of the most important qualities that a company is looking to improve upon, such as cohesiveness among group members, enhanced problem solving, generation of ideas, and improved morale. These organizations have been performing these activities for many years and know what does, or does not, work. Second, the knowledge that these companies have can be used to design a team-building event that is not only unique to your company, but also unique to the certain aspects your company is trying to improve. Many of the people who run these companies specialized in corporate team building, and know the ins and outs of how they work. This knowledge allows them to understand a company’s specific problem and find the best way to solve it. Finally, a professional organization can take care of all the details that would bog down a member of your company. Many of these organizations already have locations, restaurants, and possible lodging already lined up if a company needs it. This ends up saving the company valuable time, and money, for other things.

How do these all affect effective team building training? All of these components are necessary in order for an event to work properly and successfully. In addition, with these components, Effective team building can be achieved, along with all the benefits that come along with it. That is why effective training in this vital field is so crucial.

It can be useful to consider a case study in how effective team building consultants work. Usually, an effective consultant will begin with a needs assessment process to determine the real needs of a client organization. Then, the consultant will work with the client to determine the best approach for developing a given team. Time, budget, and skill development needs should drive the development process. Finally, the consultant will deliver the training services and provide a follow-up evaluation and next step training opportunities. Hiring a Team Building Consultant can help your organization become a more effective performance-based organization.

Searching Out The Best Home Business Opportunity

Searching out the best home business opportunity means one thing for one person and something completely different for another. Because were all different, we have different needs and desires, goals and talents. Whatever the case, there are all kinds of opportunities there for the taking comes to home businesses.

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